6 Surprising Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in 2023

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6 Surprising Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in 2023. Some people are under the impression that only investors may use cryptocurrency. If you count yourself among these people, you should reconsider. If you are willing to part with some of them, you may find that. It comes as a surprise to hear that there are certain items that you can use to pay for. There are over one hundred thousand retailers all over. The world is willing to take them as payment for their goods or services; a significant number of retailers are located in the United States.

To educate

There have been reports that some educational institutions have begun to take cryptocurrency payments for tuition. If the value of the cryptocurrency used continues to rise. This might be beneficial not only for the student but also for the university. Before making their payment. The student may choose to wait until the price is at its highest point. The university may earn additional revenue as a result if it can afford to keep it. The funds sitting in a Bitcoin wallet during this time.

Itinerary planning

Itinerary planning
Itinerary planning

6 Surprising Things You Can Buy with Cryptocurrency in 2023. There are now airlines and hotels that will accept payment with cryptocurrencies. In most cases, you can only book your stay with them online using their respective websites. However, this is not something that will be offered by all organizations involved in the travel industry. You can always transfer some of your Bitcoin holdings into your bank account. Use one of the accepted payment methods. Such as a credit or debit card.

Microsoft Corporation

For digital goods such as movies, music, games, and apps, Microsoft will accept the most well-known cryptocurrency, bitcoin, as a payment option. In the meantime, you can continue to make payments using the method that is customarily recognized even though it is likely that in the not-too-distant future, additional service providers will quickly follow suit.


In the United States, there are some restaurants where you may place an order for food, such as pizza or burgers, and use cryptocurrency as payment. Even coffee shops are starting to put up signs letting customers know they will take credit cards as a form of payment. They don’t need to do anything more than swipe your smartphone for the money to be deducted directly from your cryptocurrency wallet.

Tickets to the concert

Tickets to the concert
Tickets to the concert

However, not all ticket sales professionals can process payments made with cryptocurrency, even though some venues do accept them. For instance, TicketSales.com is widely regarded as one of the most reliable online retailers. From which to purchase concert tickets in the United States, does not yet support the use of this payment method. However, some of their discounts are simply unmissable. In which case you should simply remove some of the funds from your cryptocurrency wallet and pay with a debit card.


Certain vehicle dealerships will take cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. One fortunate individual purchased 45 bitcoins for the equivalent of $115 before the value of bitcoins skyrocketed and was subsequently able to utilize those bitcoins to purchase a Lamborghini Huracan for the sum of $200,000.

A very wide selection

There is a vast array of goods and services that can now be purchased with various cryptocurrencies. One such example is doing one’s shopping online. It is now possible to get debit cards that may be linked to your cryptocurrency account. This solves the issue of having to pay with either a debit or credit card, which was previously the only option. In some nations, the availability of cash machines designed specifically for Bitcoin accounts has also been made possible.

Several industry professionals believe that the worth of dollars will one day be measured in cryptocurrencies rather than the other way around, which is now the case as the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to expand. Before you make any purchases right now, it might be worth checking to see whether you can make payments directly from your Bitcoin wallet. This is something that won’t happen for quite some time.


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