ChatGPT And AI Companies Must Compensate Content Creators, Says Media CEO

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ChatGPT And AI Companies Must Compensate Content Creators, However. Says Media CEO. News Corp Australia CEO Michael Miller is convinced that ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) businesses must pay content creators.

However, he adds that the development of generative AI is merely one more opportunity for digital businesses to make money off the creative labor of others without paying them or giving them credit.

AI Companies Should Compensate Creators

However, Miller cited the News media bargaining code from Australia, which went into force on March 2, 2021, and focuses on compensation for online material. However, the code required tech companies to compensate publishers of news for their content. He thinks that such a regulation covers AI systems and initiatives because of this clause.

More than 3,000 tech industry heavyweights, However. Elon Musk and researchers recently signed an open letter advocating a temporary halt on the future. However. AI development in response to the emergence of AI projects like ChatGPT-4 and Midjourney. However. citing “profound risks to society and humanity.” As an excerpt from the letter states, However. It may be essential to get an independent review before training future systems.”

However, Miller believes that AI engines face a risk to their future success if they cannot convince the public that what they display to others is sourced from trustworthy and credible platforms, including mainstream media. He argues that they must fairly compensate those who provide the substance, which is then fed into AI engines.

Of importance, the CEO insists that creators deserve to be rewarded for their original work, which forms a big part in training AI. These engines, he adds, are “raiding” the style and tone of journalists, musicians, authors, poets, historians, painters, filmmakers, and photographers.

The blockchain sector is also beginning to see an increase in the use of AI networks, with well-known examples being and Singularity NET. Their respective coins have been increasing due to the growing interest in AI.


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