Philippine Blockchain Week Addresses Miss Universe Coin Fraud Allegations

Measum Shah

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Philippine Blockchain Week addresses allegations of Miss Universe coin fraud. During the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW). A wave of criticism emerged against the brand and pageant owned by Thailand-based JKN Holdings.

A project that seemed to be going well abruptly changed course, generating concerns and triggering legal action.

Miss Universe Coin: A Deceptive Unveiling?

However. But as soon as the official Miss Universe Organization, supported by JKN Global Group, withdrew itself from the coin initiative and declared it fraudulent, the excitement quickly turned to confusion.

On its official Facebook page over the weekend, the Miss Universe Organization clarified that it had no connection to the coin idea announced at PBW. They added that they committed to investigating “all legal options regarding this infringement.” A storm of controversy had engulfed the once-promising Miss Universe Coin.

PBW’s Response And Lingering Questions

Following this disclosure, Philippine Blockchain Week spoke to the participants’ mounting unease. The organization’s dedication to taking the situation seriously was reflected in the new message. It promised to keep the community informed and indicated that PBW was in contact with all critical stakeholders.

Blockchain Reputation Tarnished

Even so, there are still unanswered questions. How did the Miss Universe Coin make it through the event organizers’ stringent due diligence procedure?

Many people wonder how the Miss Universe Coin made it through PBW’s verification process and what actions the company intends to take to prevent occurrences like this from happening at other events.

As a potential challenger to the well-known SHIB token, Vincent Song, Global VP of XT Exchange, presented The Miss Universe Coin as a significant player in the cryptocurrency market. Now, with the cryptocurrency community keeping a close eye on it, its legitimacy is in jeopardy to monitor the development of this debate.

Trust and authenticity are crucial in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And this occurrence serves as a sobering reminder of the necessity of complete due diligence and transparency in the sector.

Even though the Miss Universe Coin gleamed brightly on stage at PBW, its true nature is still unknown.



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