Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Investigated Over Participating in a Crypto Scam (Report)

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Ronaldinho will get another chance to explain his potential role in the fraud on August 30

Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Investigated Over Participating in a Crypto Scam (Report)According to reports, the Brazilian government has opened an inquiry into one of the greatest football players of all time, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, also known as Ronaldinho, on claims that he may have participated in a cryptocurrency scam.

The athlete was called to testify but failed to attend court without explaining.

Expected to Appear in Court the Following Week

Recent reports claim that the former FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and Brazilian national football team player is suspected of participating in a scam run by the questionable firm “18kRonaldinho.” The hoax promised customers who put at least $30 into digital currency attractive but fictitious daily rewards of 2%. In the early days of the organization, which sold watches and jewelry, Ronaldinho appeared as an ambassador.

The 2005 Ballon d’Or winner did not appear in court to discuss his conceivable position within the organization. Fascinatingly, he could remain silent even if he stood before the magistrates.

Ronaldinho is Already on the Crypto Bandwagon

While the case above remains to be unfolded, it is worth mentioning that the Brazilian joined crypto’s ecosystem more than a year ago (in a legal way). In February last year, he partnered with Graph Blockchain’s subsidiary New World Inc. to become an organization ambassador and introduce NFT experiences to his numerous fans. Ronaldinho, known for his constant smile while playing soccer and respectful attitude towards rivals on the pitch, has a vast base of supporters. His followers on Instagram are almost 75 million.

Ronaldinho, Source: Wikipedia

Áureo Lídio Moreira Ribeiro – federal deputy of Rio de Janeiro – said the authorities summoned Ronaldinho to the designated court on August 30. He warned that the law enforcement agents could transfer him with “the use of force in the event of another absence.


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