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Is he cheapest loan your goal to find the cheapest loan for your needs and finance a renovation, car or other expense at the lowest possible interest rates? Good, you’ve come to just the right place!

In this guide you will find everything you need to find the cheapest possible loan. Compete with different loan providers easily with our tips and find an affordable loan that suits your needs.

This is how you can find the cheapest loan without collateral:


The cheapest loan without collateral can be found by competing with different loan providers. There are even hundreds of different lenders online, so there are several places to find the cheapest possible loan. The competition is fierce, which in turn drives loan prices down.

On this page, you will find several reliable loan providers and loan bidding services presented. You can find the cheapest loan by finding an option that suits you and making a loan application.

You should always measure the loan to fit your own finances. So choose the monthly installment and loan term that is suitable for your loan, so that you can repay it well.

Find the cheapest loan in three steps:

  1. If necessary, apply for a loan in several places
  2. Compare loan interest rates, loan servicing costs and other costs
  3. Also be careful with the total cost

In several places, it is also possible to apply for a loan together with a parallel applicant. In this case, first of all, the probabilities of getting a loan increase, but in addition, it is possible to get a more favorable interest rate on the loan.

So if it is possible for you to apply for a loan together with someone else, this is probably a very good idea in terms of loan costs.

The interest rate and costs of the loans offered also vary within the bank. The by the loan applicant’s information.

The cheapest loan = the cheapest costs:


The cheapest loan means the loan with the cheapest costs. The price of the loan can be comparedmparing the total costs of the loan.

When comparing loan prices, it is important not to look only at the nominal interest rate of the loan. Instead, it is important to also take into account, for example, loan servicing costs and a possible start-up fee. They can significantly affect the actual annual interest rate of the loan.

The effective annual interest rate of the loan indicates:

  • All costs of the loan for the year (including nominal interest and loan servicing costs)

The effective annual interest rate of the loan therefore also tells all the loan servicing costs. These include all costs related to the loan – by law, the actual annual interest rate must always be disclosed, and the loan applicant has the right to see it in advance.

The total cost of the loan for the loan period is as follows:

  • I pay all the costs of the loan, including interest and loan servicing costs, for the entire loan period

With a longer payment period, the total cost of the loan will always increase, but always remember to measure the monthly installments to suit your finances. It is always possible to pay off the loan in advance, but the additional loan period must be negotiated separately with the lender.

The cheapest loan for you is one where the monthly costs are suitable for your finances and the loan costs are the cheapest possible. The loan’s effective annual interest rate is the most important metric here.

Always take the total costs into account in the loan:

Although the monthly installments of the loan should always be sized to suit your own finances, the total cost of the loan should not be ignored. If you take a very long loan period for a small loan, the total costs can grow relatively large even with a low annual interest rate.

So when taking out a loan, also take into account the total costs for the entire loan period. It is easy to compare them directly in euros.

The percentage annual interest rate of a large loan with a long loan term can be relatively low, but in the long term the total costs will increase. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the total costs.

What all affects the price of the loan?

The price of the loan is affected by numerous things. Everything depends not only on the characteristics of the requested loan, but also on the loan applicant’s information and the bank’s credit rating. The type of loan applied for also affects the loan costs.


We have compiled a list of the most important factors affecting the loan price:

  • Unsecured or secured loan? – A secured loan, such as a home loan, has a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan, because it uses, for example, a newly purchased apartment as collateral. An unsecured loan is a more flexible option, but its interest rates are somewhat higher on average.
  • Loan applicant’s  by age, life situation and income of the loan applicant. For example, it may be difficult for a student to get a loan at all, while a salaried employee with a regular income often gets a loan relatively easily and inexpensively.
  • Requested loan amount and loan period – The requested loan amount and loan period can affect not only whether you get a loan at all, but also what interest rate you get a loan at.
  • Previous loans – The applicant’s previous loans can affect the loan offer received. Remember to notify if you are combining old loans with a so-called combined loan.
  • Are there parallel applicants? – With a parallel applicant, it is often possible to get a loan at a lower cost. The cheapest loan can be found with a parallel applicant, if that’s possible
  • There are differences in loan companies – In addition, there are of course differences in different lenders and banks. Someone can get a cheaper loan from another place than another. However, there is no single place where you can always get the cheapest loan.

The price of a loan is aloan to bid for it.

Who can get the cheapest loan?

The exemplary manner. In an ideal situation, the applicant also does not have many other loans, and the monthly expenses are low.

Similarly, it may be difficult for a young student, for example, to get a loan. The same applies to unsecured loans as well as, for example, a secured mortgage.

Banks use a lot of automation in processing loan applications. The credit the loan will be repaid on time, the more affordable the loan can be given.

General minimum requirements for applying for a loan:

  • 18 years of age (can be higher in many banks)
  • Regular monthly income (required amount varies)
  • Credit information in good order (sometimes with a parallel applicant you can also get a loan without credit information)
  • Lived in Finland for a certain minimum period

The general out a loan application. However, this is still not a guarantee that you will get a loan.

The cheapest loan for consolidating old loans:

By combining old loans, you can get significantly lower monthly costs. In particular, if you are compared to loans granted today.

Old loans should always be tendered and, if necessary, combined with a so-called consolidation loan. A consolidation loan is a larger loan from a bank or lender that covers and pays off all old loans.

By obtaining a combined loan, you pay back only one loan, so loan servicing costs are often not that expensive. By competing for a consolidation loan, you can get the lowest possible interest rate

When applying for a consolidation loan, remember to mention the repayment of previous loans in the loan application. In most loan search services, you can separately apply for a consolidation loan, in which case you will get the offers that best suit the situation.

The cheapest car loan:

A car is an expensive purchase that many acquire with the help of financing. With a car loan, you can get a better car that will last longer in use, and the maintenance costs often don’t rise as much as with a cheap car.

Car pool

When applying for the cheapest car loan, you should familiarize yourself with various options in order to find the most suitable loan for you. Here are different car loan options:

  • Loan offered by the car dealer
  • A bank loan to be applied for from a bank
  • A secured car loan from a bank
  • An unsecured loan from a bank or lender

All different loan types have their own pros and cons. Secured loans in your name if the car is used as collateral.

Often,better. When the loan decision has already been transactions even on a fast schedule.

It is easy to apply for an unsecured car loan from several places at once. You can sometimes get a loan cheaper elsewhere than directly through the car seller, so it is definitely worth competing for a car loan to find the best option.

The cheapest renovation loan:

A kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or even renovation of an entire apartment in an apartment or detached house can be an expensive but profitable project. A well-maintained apartment is more pleasant and also more valuable in the selling phase.


It is possible to apply for the cheapest renovation loan in several ways, for example:

  • As a bank loan
  • As part of a mortgage
  • As an unsecured private loan

An unsecured Private Loan is the easiest way to finance the renovation. Then you don’t need collateral, and you get a loan decision directly online quickly.

The most important thing in a successful renovation and its financing is planning. It should be done carefullyn in advance. When that size loan you need.

It is possible to apply for a renovation loan to renovate your own apartment as well as a summer cottage. The loan application often asks for more detailed information about the purpose of the loan, and this can affect the offers received.

The cheapest quick tip – a cheap loan immediately to the account:

Pikavipit typically can end up being much bigger than the loan itself.

Fortunately, over the years, the costs of express delivery have decreased, due to both stricter legislation and tougher competition. Really iven out any more.

Today,for through and financial companies.

Throug  paid into your account immediately.

Is a quick tip ever worth it?

Traditionally, quick loans have been really expensive loans, the redemption of which has often not made sense. Today, however, the legislation and the competitive situation have changed, and quick payday loans, consumer loans and all other unsecured loans are on the same page.

Nowadays, Pikavippi with its features and the actual annual interest rate.

You loans cannot be paid in real-time to the loan applicant. However, you can get a loan decision quickly and the money is often already the next business day.

The cheapest credit account or Joustoluotto:

A credit account or Joustoluotto is a great option if you are applying for a loan for unexpected expenses. A credit account works in much the same way as a credit card, but without a physical payment card.

A credit account is a loan account that you can apply for in advance, from which you can always withdraw a loan according to your needs immediately into the account. You don’t have to pay interest on the entire balance of the credit account, but you always pay only for the part that you have withdrawn.

You can withdraw money whenever you need it, and when you pay it back, you get more credit in your credit account. A credit whenever needed.

The cheapest, banks and credit providers. Often, a credit account is a cheaper solution than a traditional credit card, whose interest costs may be clearly higher.

Legislation curbs loan costs:

The costs sector was hardly touched upon. At  which has effectively reduced the costs of new loans.

Obtaining a loan is no longer as easy in all situations as before, but at the same time, the possibilities of obtaining a cheap loan have increased.

In between,  an even stricter hand. During the years 2020 and 2021, a temporary interest rate cap of 10% has been in use, which has also significantly restrained loan pricing.

Today, you can often get a new loan cheaper than a few years ago. So even the best possible interest rate.

Tips for getting a cheap loan:

To some extent, it is also possible to influence getting a cheap loan yourself. Although lenders always make loan decisions with the help of your various information, you also have some influence.

Here are the best tips for applying for a cheap loan:

  • Enter your information honestly . You always have to apply for a loan in your own name, and financial institutions often ask for proof of your income, for example. Lying will not get you far.
  • Consider a parallel applicant . By applying for a loan together with a parallel applicant, you can often get a more favorable interest rate on your loan.
  • Compete with banks and financial institutions . By comparing and competing with different lenders, you can get a cheaper loan.
  • Also contest old loans . Old loans should  every now and then. By paying off only one loan, you can get a cheaper annual interest rate on the loan.
  • Always choose the type of loan that suits the situation . You should always apply for a mortgage with collateral, but it is often easier to apply for a smaller loan without collateral. Compare different options and loan types to find the cheapest option.

The cheapest lfor your situation and competing!


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