US Accountants Ready To Invest In Blockchain, AI Tools Like ChatGPT

Measum Shah


US Accountants Ready To Invest In Blockchain, AI Tools Like ChatGPT. According to a recent Intuit survey, However. American accountants know how technology affects their industry. To expand and better serve their clients. Nearly half of those polled are prepared to invest in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Accountants Are Pro-Technology

According to a March 29 press release from The Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Technology Survey. This gathered opinions from 2,000 accountants in the United States; accountants know how technology might affect growth. They are, therefore, eager to prioritize technological investment to advance their firm.

48% of the 1,073 accounts polled indicated they intended to invest in and deploy AI-based automation solutions and software. 47% more people claimed to be investigating blockchain technology.

After ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that does tasks like chatting and computing, shot to fame, there have been fears that technology may affect many users and cause significant job losses.

In a paper, the international investment bank Goldman Sachs claimed that generative AI might eventually replace up to 7% of all US occupations, seriously disrupting the labour markets. Even if there could be losses, most users would view this technology as an aid to their work.

Leveraging Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence For Growth

US Accountants Ready To Invest In Blockchain. According to poll results, most accountants know technology will significantly contribute to their growth and expansion in the upcoming year.

Along with AI, blockchain technology, which depends on a distributed user network for improved reliability and self-auditing, can potentially upend the workplace. Users can send transactions without an intermediary in accounting thanks to existing networks like Bitcoin.



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