Why Crypto Company BitBoy Cut Ties With Youtuber Ben Armstrong

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Why Crypto Company BitBoy Cut Ties With Youtuber Ben Armstrong. In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, partnerships and collaborations can play a pivotal role in shaping public perception and market trends. Such was the case with the recent decision by BitBoy, a prominent crypto company, to cut ties with the well-known YouTuber Ben Armstrong. This unexpected move sent shockwaves through the crypto community and raised a myriad of questions about the reasons behind the decision. In this article, we delve into the details of why BitBoy chose to sever its relationship with Ben Armstrong, exploring the various factors that led to this decision.


Cryptocurrency has transformed from a niche interest to a global phenomenon, with influencers and content creators playing a crucial role in educating the masses about its potential. One such influencer is Ben Armstrong, whose YouTube channel garnered a massive following for its insights into the crypto world. BitBoy, on the other hand, emerged as a significant player in the crypto industry, offering a range of services and information to enthusiasts. The partnership between BitBoy and Ben Armstrong was seen as a strategic move that could benefit both parties.

The Rise of BitBoy and Ben Armstrong

BitBoy gained prominence as a platform offering educational content, market analyses, and product reviews related to cryptocurrencies. This informative approach resonated with audiences seeking reliable information in an often-volatile space. Ben Armstrong, known as ‘BitBoy Crypto’ on YouTube, developed a charismatic presence and simplified explanations, making crypto more accessible to newcomers. Their collaboration seemed like a harmonious merger of expertise and relatability.

The Partnership: A Symbiotic Relationship

Initially, the collaboration between BitBoy and Ben Armstrong appeared fruitful. BitBoy’s analytical insights complemented Ben’s engaging content, fostering a community of both novice and experienced crypto enthusiasts. This symbiotic relationship allowed both entities to expand their reach and impact, with joint livestreams, co-hosted events, and shared resources.

Diverging Visions and Values

Over time, subtle differences in their visions for the crypto industry began to surface. While BitBoy focused on analysis and long-term investments, Ben Armstrong’s content occasionally veered towards speculative trading and quick gains. This contrast in approach created a minor divide within their shared audience. Additionally, their values regarding responsible financial advice and risk disclosure began to clash.

Allegations and Controversies

As the partnership progressed, rumors and allegations emerged regarding conflicts of interest. Some followers questioned the transparency of their collaborations, suggesting that financial incentives were influencing their content. These allegations, although largely unsubstantiated, cast a shadow of doubt over the authenticity of their messages.

Impact on the Community

The crypto community, accustomed to swift changes, was nonetheless surprised by the news of the split. Many expressed disappointment, while others saw this as an opportunity for a more diversified range of perspectives. The partnership’s dissolution prompted a broader conversation about influencer accountability and the responsibility to provide accurate information.

Market Repercussions

In the immediate aftermath, the market exhibited momentary fluctuations. While some attributed this to the split, others argued that it was merely a coincidence. Nonetheless, the event underscored the interconnectedness of influencers and market sentiment in the cryptocurrency space.

Communication Breakdown

One factor that contributed to the decision was a breakdown in communication. As their individual followings grew, maintaining alignment became increasingly challenging. Disagreements over content direction, promotional activities, and collaborations further strained their relationship.

The Decision to Cut Ties

After careful deliberation, BitBoy announced the decision to cut ties with Ben Armstrong. The announcement emphasized the need for each entity to pursue their respective visions independently, addressing the differences that had arisen over time. The decision was framed as a mutual agreement to prioritize authenticity and individual growth.

Industry Speculations

The news triggered a wave of speculations within the crypto industry. Some believed that underlying financial disputes or personal conflicts played a role, while others saw it as a calculated strategy to diversify their audiences. The decision also reignited discussions about influencer partnerships in an evolving and often unpredictable market.

The Future for BitBoy and Ben Armstrong

As both BitBoy and Ben Armstrong navigate their paths separately, the crypto community awaits their individual trajectories. BitBoy aims to continue its educational initiatives, refining its content to cater to a wider spectrum of investors. Ben Armstrong, on the other hand, seeks to reaffirm his commitment to transparent content creation and address the concerns raised during the partnership.

Lessons Learned

The BitBoy and Ben Armstrong partnership holds valuable lessons for both the influencers and their audience. It highlights the importance of open communication, shared values, and the need for influencers to consistently prioritize their audience’s education and well-being over financial gains.


The separation of BitBoy and Ben Armstrong marks a significant chapter in the crypto industry’s evolution. It underscores the complexities of influencer collaborations and the challenges of maintaining alignment as visions and values evolve. As the crypto landscape continues to transform, the enduring impact of this decision will shape discussions about authenticity, responsibility, and the true purpose of crypto influencers.


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